Learn the strategies associated with the Infinite Banking Concept and master the ability to invest like the ultra-rich.
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Learn a personal financial system that grows your wealth safely and securely outside of Wall Street. This same financial system provides for financing needs whether you are an individual, business, or investor all without the need to apply for expensive credit from banks.
Private mutual insurance companies have been helping millions of people for over 150 years plan for a secure financial life without the volatility of the markets and the hassle of traditional banks,
Infinite Banking Made Simple is a layout of easy to understand video tutorials, quizzes to test your knowledge as well as 2 case studies showing application.

Learn today how you can unplug from a financial system that continually fails to rise to the promises that American's have relied on.

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Patrick H. Donohoe RFC, IAR
Patrick is the President and CEO of Paradigm Life, an insurance-based financial consulting firm & PL Wealth Advisors, LLC a Registered Investment Advisory.  

The mission of these companies is to serve individuals, families, businesses, and investors through financial education and consulting services.

Patrick is the host of The Wealth Standard Radio, which has been on the air since 2007.

Patrick is also the co-creator of The Cash Flow Wealth Summit - a virtual financial conference.

Patrick grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 2003 to attend the University of Utah where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Economics. He currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and their three children.
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